1.9 m Broadband Connections Roll Out in 2011
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Full steam ahead for mass internet connectivity as 2011 plans are announced.Plans for the provision of fibre infrastructure in new sites will take effect from January 1st as the National Broadband Network (NBN) estimates 1.9 million new premises will be connected to the fibre as they are built.

There will be no additional costs to consumers for the installation of broadband, with the NBN funding the provision of fibre and backhaul to new housing estates, said the Minister for Broadband, Senator Stephen Conroy.

Sub-contracting is also set to begin in the new year and build-operate-transfer arrangements who will install fibre on its behalf.

For infill developments of less than 100 premises, Telstra will continue to be responsible for delivering infrastructure and services.

The telco will largely be using copper infrastructure to provide interim solutions in these developments, pending the NBN rolling out its network.

Developers will be able to select a provider at their own discretion and these arrangements will be subject to existing contracts between providers and developers.

“From 1 January 2011, NBN Co will be responsible for the installation of fibre in all broadacre developments, all infill developments where it has fibre that is ready for service and capable of connection, and newly approved infill developments of 100 or more premises,” said Senator Conroy.

The plans will speed up access to fibre-based broadband services and provide the clarity people have been seeking, and “is a great outcome for new home buyers and Australia’s fibre future,” he declared.

Residential Development Council Executive Director, Caryn Kakas NBN’s announcement is a win for common sense and ensures that new communities can participate fully in the benefits broadband brings.

“This means that homeowners on the urban fringe won’t be hit with a $3000 charge nor will regional Australians face a cost of up to $5000 to pay for the delivery of the National Broadband Network to their communities,” she said in a statement.

“The Government, NBN Co and Telstra will now work closely with stakeholders to communicate and implement the changes,’ the Minister concluded.