3Com Launches New Brand Campaign
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In the US, 3Com announced a new, integrated branding and advertising campaign designed to reverse its patchy results.

The campaign is the company’s most significant branding initiative in five years and will run in the US for the rest of the fiscal year in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Fortune, Forbes, CSO Magazine, Network World, Computer World, CRN, VAR Business and online.

3Com announced it will complement the branding initiative with product-specific advertising around the world, co-branded partner advertising and a new Web site.

The initial advertising platform has four variations, each emphasizing 3Com’s strengths in security, interoperability and reliability, yet acknowledging the realities of today’s enterprise networking market, says the company.

“Through focus group work, brand awareness and preference studies, and campaign testing, we have fine-tuned our messaging to address the concerns that are top-of-mind with today’s enterprises.” said Jim Freeze, 3Com’s vice president of Global Marketing.

At the conclusion of each ad, the call to action is to visit the company’s new interactive microsite, which includes video testimonials from a few of its enterprise customers. The site allows visitors to hear directly from enterprises how 3Com helped them “Advance their Network.”

Highlights of the ads include:

The Columbus Ad
With a headline: People told Columbus the world was flat, the ad highlights how he didn’t insist it was round, he got in a boat and proved it. Much the same way, 3Com is not insisting that enterprise customers select 3Com, but rather asks them to look at its secure converged networking solutions and see for themselves.

Darn Good Reason Ad
This platform acknowledges that many enterprises need a compelling reason to add yet another vendor’s products and solutions to its network. Instead, 3Com lays out four reasons to add 3Com, including it’s ability to provide core-to-edge security, to overlay voice over IP on a company’s existing network infrastructure, and that 3Com is based on open standards so it can operate seamlessly with other vendors.

Gaining Network Control Through 3Com Security Ad
This advertisement calls out the fact that 3Com’s TippingPoint security solution helps enterprises regain control of their network. It not only points out that the company’s security is recognized for its excellence, it invites viewers to visit the new Web site to see specific security-related case studies to learn more.

Introducing Cisco Plus Ad
With a direct acknowledgement that its largest competitor controls major market share, 3Com highlights some of the biggest differences between the two companies’ approaches to networking. Specifically, it lets people know that unlike Cisco, 3Com is based on open standards, it builds intelligence that optimizes applications, it has automatic core-to-edge security, and it doesn’t require enterprises to be locked into a vendor and/or conduct forklift upgrades.