40 Percent Of Tweets Are Mobile
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Smartphone, mobile users fuelling the Twitter conversation, admits CEO.
The blogging forum, which has seen its user numbers catapult since its humble beginnings – from 14 million visitors in 2009 to around 190 million towards the end of 2010, with 65 million tweets made each day – and numbers are growing rapidly.

40 percent of all tweets are made from mobile devices which over half of all its audience are currently using, its CEO Dick Costolo revealed at AllThingsD event at CES.

“40 percent of all tweets created on mobile devices.

“50 percent of active users are also active on mobile,” he added.

This number is almost double that of a year ago, at 25 percent, reflecting the huge importance Costolo now places on mobile platforms and could go some way towards explaining why the microblogging site was in attendance at the Vegas electronics show.

The popularity of SMS texting ushered in by the mobile phones in the nineties seems to be spilling over into the social networking phenomena, which allows Twitter users to exchange a maximum 140 words, viewable by the public.

Its mobile website, SMS, Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for BlackBerry are the most popular apps aside from its online site.


These latest figures come as Britain’s Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has prohibited stars who seek to namedrop brands and products which they have a paid affiliation to, in their tweets, following an investigation.

This comes despite Costolo previously stating Twitter “will not allow third parties to inject ads into the stream.”

However, the success of its advertising service is reflected in the growth it is experiencing, recently launching a new round of funding which brought in $200 million with a valuation of $3.7 billion.