A New Smartphone Or Better Upgrades, What Would You Like?
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The smartphone market is booming but the big question now is whether manufacturers are unnecessarily churning out new phones in an effort to drive sales.

Did we really need a new Galaxy S4? Or would an upgrade of the OS, along with all the new bells and whistles found in the new S4 sufficed most owners?

The S3 was launched in August, now some nine months ago, and users are being told that their S3 is an “old model”.

As manufacturers battle for supremacy, the once mighty benchmark for the smartphone industry, the Apple iPhone, is looking a tad “old hat”.

At the same time Microsoft is struggling to get traction with their Windows 8 OS, as HTC, Samsung and Nokia report poor sales when compared to the demand for Android smartphones.

Telstra, the big carrier who is reporting record sales of 4G phones, has told SmartHouse consumers are “confused” about all the features found in new models. In response the company is limiting the range of models they sell to key smartphones that they believe deliver speed and a rich range of capabilities.

LG is one company who recently stepped up to the top smartphone table with their all new Optimus G smartphone. This is a cutting edge smartphone that the Korean Company badly needed in Australia to put them in the race alongside Apple, Sony, HTC and Samsung.

Despite being late into the Australian market, the Optimus G is packed with power and features and can be easily updated with new software. While a lot of journalists got their knickers in a twist over the fact it had already been launched in the US, the fact remains it is a state of the art smartphone that has the capacity to handle any new upgrades thrown at it.

Recent data from Counterpoint Research shows that LG is now a serious player in the smartphone market. In the US recently LG overtook Apple to claim the second-largest stake of the U.S. phone market. Samsung is still way ahead in first spot.

The LG flagship Optimus G had recently surpassed the one million sales mark, and the Korean company is enjoying plenty of success with its Nexus 4.

One of the standout new smartphones is the HTC One, due to be launched this month. This new Android OS offering is beautifully designed and is already being labelled “the best phone” in the world by reviewers.

I have been using the device for the past two weeks and I am not only impressed by the design and the features, but the way in which HTC-who were desperate for a leg up in the market-has gone about delivering new capabilities via their Ultrapixel camera or their scrolling new information system that easily delivers news and information to a screen.

The Optimus G and the HTC One usher in enough innovation to warrant a phone upgrade. But the verdict is still out on the Galaxy S4, with its subtle redesign and its software overhaul.

What I would rather see is less models and more software upgrades that improve the functionality of a device.