Acer Aspirations Point To AMD With New Aspire 5560
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Acer is the latest computer maker to spout new notebooks on the back of AMD’s recently announced Fusion A-Series processors.The new addition to the Aspire range is the 5560 – a 15.6 inch notebook enhanced for media consumption with a varying range of connectivity and performance component options starting from a $799 price point.

The Aspire 5560 jumps on top of the latest range of Aspire TimelineX notebooks released earlier this year in April.

The most notable additive to the Aspire series here is the use of AMD’s new Fusion A-Series Accelerated Processing Units, or APUs, just revealed on the Australian market yesterday. These new processors couple with AMD’s graphics processors to deliver performance while reducing power consumption.

The Aspire 5560 model goes all-out with AMD over Intel with a selection of A Series chips from dual to quad core and graphics cards depending on how much consumers are willing to spend.

There’s also the option for up to 8GB of RAM, 750GB of storage, optional Blu-ray and Bluetooth 3.0+ support.


All shipped 5560s include Gigabit LAN, Wi-Fi, 1.3 megapixel webcam, in-built microphone and a range of media-centric  software additives developed by Acer that sit on the rest of the Aspire range.

These include media sharing for sending content across compatible devices sitting in the home network and Dolby Advanced Audio v2 for enhanced sound.