Acer Palm-Projector Smaller Than A Mobile
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The Acer C20 LED Pico Projector is a lightweight and compact projector, built into the frame the size of a mobile phone for content sharing on the go.

While other units have doubled up and put a camera and projector in one, Acer has focused solely on creating a projection hub with the C20.

The C20 features a Pico projector that displays images at 2000:1 contrast ratio at 16:9 format for widescreen picture at high quality, with an in-built speaker that can be plugged into external amplifiers for improved sound.

It features USB and HDMI connectivity for linking laptops and phones to the projector and can also access multimedia from microSD cards and flash drives.

The small unit (weighing in at 166 grams) has a battery life of two hours.

The Acer C20 Projector is currently retailing at $349 from Acer Computer Australia. The optional 15-inch screen comes in at $49.