Acer Profit Boon But Storms Arise
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Laptop king rejoice in record growth, income highs in 2010 – not bad Acer.The Taiwanese makers have just announced record profit growth, recording revenues of US$19.9 billion last year – a jump of 9.7 percent on 2009 figures.

Net income also soared over 32.5 percent year-on-year to US$476 million.      

This comes despite profit falls for the fourth quarter of the year, hampered by snow storms that affected much of Europe during their winter season.   

The other storm affecting Europe at the minute – the financial recession – also had a negative impact on growth in Q4, in what is one of their major markets.    

“In the fourth quarter of 2010, Acer’s results were affected by unfavorable weather and economic conditions in Europe, hence consolidated revenues did not reach expectations,” it said in the statement.     

Acer will be hoping to keep up with this profit momentum in 2011 with its new set of tablets due for release later this year along with its notebook collection and proposed first Smartphone release.