Acer wins SMEC business
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SMEC has contracted Acer Computer Australia and Leading Solutions for the supply and support of desktop and notebook PCs.

SMEC, a world leader in consulting services for large-scale infrastructure projects, has signed a three-year contract with Acer Computer Australia and Leading Solutions for the supply and support of desktop and notebook PCs. Acer says its local assembly facility, hands-on approach to account management and customised service and support were vital factors in sealing the deal.

SMEC General Manager of IT, Dennis Harris, explained that one of the key reasons for selecting Acer and Leading Solutions was the ability to offer guaranteed superior management levels.

“It is vital for us to have someone local who can work with us day to day, not just a sales rep who shows up every few months to take orders,” said Harris. “Acer gives us valuable advice such as product roadmaps on which processors and hard drives are due to be released. That allows us to choose the PC models that give us the longest lifespan. This in turn cuts down the number of standard operating environment images we need to create.”

Frank Ugolini, National Corporate Sales Manager added that “It’s only through having a strong and consistent channel which includes great partners such as Leading Solutions, that gives us the confidence and the power to guarantee customers superior levels of ongoing account management – not just at the beginning of the relationship – but for the whole duration.”

Acer and Leading Solutions say they customised their support contract with SMEC to ensure it addressed the company’s greatest concerns. The service agreement includes a guaranteed response time for maintenance problems, a three-year, worldwide warranty on the equipment; electronic logging for all support calls and replacement insurance for lost or stolen laptops.

Leading Solutions provides SMEC with an ecommerce interface that gives 24-hour access to ordering, reporting and asset management and links directly into Acer’s systems.

“We liked that Acer had a local assembly plant and could deliver products within five days of ordering. Vendors who assemble their PCs overseas can take much longer. If we have new staff starting, we can’t always wait that long. “We were impressed with the arrangements Acer has for supply, support and logistics,” concluded Harris.