ACMA Urges Re-registering Of Do Not Call Numbers
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The ACMA has urged people who signed up for the Do Not Call Register in 2007 to re-register to avoid getting unwanted telemarketing calls.

According to the Australian Communications and Media Authority, registrations for the Do Not Call Register are valid for three years. Anyone who signed up when the service was launched in May 2007 should re-register now to maintain protection from unwanted marketing calls.

The Chairman of the Australian Communications and Media Authority, Chris Chapman said, “It’s now time to re-register your numbers if you want to make sure you don’t receive telemarketing calls. Any numbers not re-registered by their three-year expiry deadline will be automatically removed from the register. So the best way to protect yourself from the days when you’d sit down to dinner and the telemarketing calls would start is to re-register your numbers now.”

There are currently more than 4.3 million home, mobile and VoIP numbers on the Do Not Call Register, with 93 per cent of people who registered noticing a reduction of telemarketing calls.

‘It’s fast, free and easy – simply call 1300 792 958 or go to, where you can learn more and re-register,’ concluded Chapman.