ACT Broadband Tax To Be Passed On To Consumers
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A tax on broadband infrastructure in the ACT will mean increased costs for consumers, according to a national senator.

The state Labor Government in the ACT has announced a tax that will be incurred on every new kilometre of broadband cable laid in the territory.

“Unfortunately for homes, businesses and schools in the ACT, next generation broadband won’t be on the menu if Labor’s broadband tax is introduced,” according to the Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, Senator Helen Coonan.

“These costs will be passed onto ACT consumers, resulting in a tax on actually using broadband.”

The proposed tax, which will be debated soon, has been met with opposition from the telecommunications industry.

According to Senator Coonan, the federal Labor party’s silence on a proposed telecommunications tax in the ACT indicates their support for the controversial levy.

“Federal Labor could put a stop to this ludicrous disincentive for investment in broadband infrastructure – but their silence demonstrates their true position on communications in this country,” Senator Coonan says.