Affordable & Expandable Linksys Network Drive
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Linksys is today releasing to retailers a storage product which the company calls “affordable” and “expandable” that allows consumers and small business users to share, use and secure sensitive data over their networks.

Consumers can use the NAS200 Two Bay Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution (RRP $249.95) for a number of tasks that technology-orientated users demand today including streaming music or high definition videos stored on the unit for playback on a PC or a games console.

The standalone unit doesn’t require any special software or a separate PC, as it includes its own two 3.5-inch SATA (serial ATA) drive bays allowing users to choose the capacity of hard disk drive they need, depending on how much data they want to store.

“Digital photos, music, and videos are requiring more storage capacity than ever before as the connected home continues to grow. The NAS200 is an expandable home network appliance that is designed to allow users to easily add storage space to their network,” said Linksys regional director for Australia and New Zealand, Graeme Reardon.


“Linksys is giving consumers the opportunity to choose the hard drive capacity that is right for them, and to easily backup their irreplaceable personal content such as digital photos. The NAS200 is an affordable, scalable storage solution for the digital consumer.”

The NAS200 can expand further for those who require more storage capacity as it features two USB ports allowing external hard drives and flash drives to be connected.

It’s not difficult to configure either, according to Linksys, as it incorporates a Setup Wizard. Backing up files is simple too – this is done with the touch of a button.


“Connecting the NAS200 to the network is easy. Simply install one or more hard drives in the device and connect it to an available 0/100 Ethernet port on a router or switch, and the storage is instantly accessible by the whole network. The NAS200 can also be set up to be accessible directly from the Internet via a web browser or ftp client,” said Linksys.

“This feature means that users can access their digital content securely from anywhere. Simply fire up a web browser, type in the NAS200 URL from your laptop or mobile device, and you can stream your favourite music or content without having to copy the actual files to these devices. Users can choose to share their files publicly, or create password-protected accounts for authorised users.”