After Damaging Ban, ACCC + Small Business Minister Ask Retailers & Suppliers To Talk To Them
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Following a backlash after last week’s sudden ban on hoverboards by Federal Minister for Small Business and Assistant Treasurer, Kelly O’Dwyer the Australian Competition + Consumer Commission who advised the Minister have now moved to consult with suppliers.

In a leaked email, John Jamieson, the Director of Standards, Policy & Liaison in the Canberra based, Consumer Product Safety Branch of the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission has given suppliers until Tuesday March 29th to request a conference with the ACCC a move that some leading suppliers claim should have happened before the ban.

Earlier today retailers such as Harvey Norman were starting to strip hoverboards from their shelves as the 60 days’ ban came into effect. 

Among the brands swept up in the debacle is Kaiser Baas the biggest seller of hoverboards. Their Revo Glider which was fully certified prior to going on sale, is the #1 hoverboard at both JB Hi Fi and Harvey Norman.

Evan Karumbus the CEO of Kaiser Baas, claims that the Ministers action will hurt legitimate businesses like his while letting rouge Chinese brands continue to trade online and via eBay.

A spokesperson for the Minister admitted that they have no powers to control online eBay sales of questionable and potentially risky hoverboards being sold by rouge Chinese suppliers who in some cases are deliberately stealing legitimate approve C Tick and SAA numbers from approved brands such as Kaiser Baas. 
Jamieson said in his email to suppliers and retailers that the interim ban was imposed following house fires and a number of incidents where hoverboards started sparking, overheating or producing smoke.

He also admitted that the ACCC is aware that some hoverboard suppliers have tested their products to the approved standards and that they may have supplied or be able to supply hoverboards that do not breach the ban. 

If this is the case, then suppliers are encouraged to inform their retailers and consumers that the products are not captured by the ban.

According to Jamieson Minister O’Dwyer has invited suppliers to seek a conference with the ACCC in relation to the interim ban after March 29th 2016.