All-in-one Terabyte Storage For Home Office
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The Yellow Machine is in all-in-one set of storage and secure networking capabilities in one box, according to its makers, Anthology Solutions.

The latest version of the terabyte device comes complete with FailSafe Storage with Masterpiece RAID Disc Scrubbing Technology (DST). In the past DST has usually been available to large enterprises only, however the Yellow Box is bringing this application to home offices and small businesses for the first time, according to Anthology Solutions. DST monitors and corrects data loss errors before they happen, which helps protect digital data.

The Yellow Box also includes secure remote access with a VPN router, firewall and eight-port LAN switch, you can save, secure and share data from anywhere on the Internet.

Existing features from previous models also available in the latest version include automatic backup for professional PC networks and always-on RAID storage.

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