All-Weather Interactive LCD Display From IDT
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Image Design Technology (IDT) has announced Korteks high-performance, touch enabled LCD displays, designed to meet the demands of 24/7/365 operations in a range of environments.

The touch enabled LCD displays feature high brightness and high resolution to deliver an eye-catching touch enabled display solution at a lower cost for use in applications such as gaming, hospitality, education, retail, corporate, government and many other situations.

Equipped with sensitive and reliable touch sensors, Kortek’s interactive displays enable the panels to be used in many different applications such as Information Displays, Way Finders Interactive Whiteboards and as a Touch Interface to other devices.
The panels are available in a range of sizes including 32″, 40″, 46″ 52″, 57″ and 70″.

Kortek panels use optical imaging touch technology, which provides a number of advantages to the touch screen user including – Zero overlay or films – 100 per cent light transmission – High Resolution – Plug & Play – HID compliant (no drivers) – Easy Calibration, zero drift technology – Highly Scaleable – Versatile Durable glass front, scratch resistant and are fully ADA compliant.

The Kortek touch enabled LCD panels are available now through selected IDT resellers starting from a recommended retail price (RRP) of $3805 for the 32″ model.