Android Attacks: Samsung, HTC To Gatecrash iPhone 5 Launch
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There’s nothing like a new launch to beef up the competition. Just look at how Google+left Facebook scrambling for ‘changes’. Now a smartphone showdown is set to kick of in October between iPhone 5 V Nexus Prime & HTC Sensation XL.

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iPhone 5 v Nexus Prime

So when Apple announced a 04 October date for the launch if its messiah like coming of iPhone 5, arch enemy Samsung alongside OS partners Google, decided to gatecrash the event by launching span new devices just days later.

Galaxy S II makers Samsung have just announced an “unpacked” conference for October 11 –  just one week after iPhone 5 launch, while HTC have gone one better launching a superphone – the 4.7″ Sensation XL a mere two days after Apple’s fifth gen debut.

“Join us at Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2011 to get a look at what’s new from Android,” Apple’s arch enemy wrote in an cryptic invitation sent to attendees of CTIA phone trade show in San Diego, Calif on October 11.

Samsung’s will join the stage with OS partners Google at its “Unpacked” press conference, when Google Nexus Prime, Android’s own branded smartphone made by Samsung, is set to see the light of day, as is Android Ice Cream Sandwich, the meshed smartphone and tab operating system – tipped to be the 4.0 version.

However, this has yet to be confirmed by either party – adding to the intrigue –  and Samsung could have other tricks up its sleeve in the form of a fresh Galaxy S handset.


And to top it off, HTC’s all powerful 4.7″ Sensation XL with a whopping 1.5GHz processor will also be ‘unpacked’just two days after the iPhone event, with the Taiwanese makers inviting people to ‘Come Feel Every Beat’.

Come feel the heat more like, October is going to be a busy month. Expect sparks to fly.