Android Jelly Bean Nears, Samsung Galaxy Nexus First In Line
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Don’t you love it when manufacturers accidentally reveal insider secrets? Thanks Google!

Google’s Device store accidentally revealed the next iteration of Android and the first device that will be getting it.

The next variation of Android will be 4.1, will don “Jelly Bean” as its moniker and will be featured first on Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus.

It’s no surprise the Galaxy Nexus will be the first smartphone to score Jelly Bean as, unlike other smartphones, its software hasn’t been perverted by carrier and manufacturer bloatware.

The software will be a humble evolution of Ice Cream Sandwich, introducing performance improvements, better support for quad core smartphones and Chrome as the default browser. 

Google has since removed the posting, but not before an XDA developer member captured a screenshot and then scribbled over his/her particulars.

Source: Trusted Reviews