Anti Virus Software Targets Mac Threats
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PC Tools has announced an antivirus solution designed specifically to detect and remove Mac-Specific viruses on the Mac operating system.

The iAntiVirus Version 1.0 is a light-weight anti-virus and anti-spyware tool providing real-time protection and comprehensive system scanning.

“While the Mac has a solid reputation for remaining relatively threat-free, the Mac community has been very receptive to the BETA launch of iAntiVirus with over 250,000 downloads from the iAntiVirus website.,” said Simon Clausen, Vice President, PC Tools. “iAntiVirus is also the number 1 Antivirus download for Mac OS on, the world’s largest download site, and was recently listed as a “top download” on the Apple website.”

iAntiVirus detects and removes viruses, spyware, keyloggers, Trojans and in particular socially engineered threats which, for example, can propagate without user awareness through instant messenger and P2P file sharing applications.

Key features include:

  • Customised Mac protection: iAntiVirus detection technology has been designed exclusively for the Mac operating system – to detect and remove Mac specific and socially engineered threats. The iAntiVirus database does not contain unnecessary information about Windows-based threats and is a dedicated Mac-only solution.
  • Minimal system impact: iAntiVirus is designed to work silently in the background when in monitoring mode – threats are automatically blocked and removed with minimal system impact. A small alert window is displayed to advise you that your Mac has been protected against an attack.
  • Simple, Functional and Familiar: Just like the Mac OS, iAntiVirus has been designed with the user in mind.  The interface is functional, familiar and user-friendly, making it simple to scan, remove and manage detected infections.  
  • Real-time protection:  Protects your Mac against infections in real time by automatically placing detected infections in quarantine, allowing you to also view and restore items, if required. When an infection is detected and blocked, an alert is displayed below the system menu bar (example alerts are provided below)
  • Custom Scan options: You may perform a variety of scan types using iAntiVirus, allowing you to strike a balance between how comprehensive the scan is and the time taken to execute the scan.

Free, or $49.95 full support and business use