Apple App Downloads To Break 10 Billion
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It’s the store that users can’t seem to get enough of – sales of the apps look set to smash the ten billion mark by next Friday, according to reports on sales by yesterday (Sunday) morning had reached an eye watering 9,830,422,000 and looks set to break into the whopping ten billion mark by the close of this week, according to predictions. 

The report also claims 1,147,333 apps are sold every hour, to users of Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iTouch.

There are currently over 200,000 apps, both paid for and free available to Australian users.

The Skype, Paper Toss, Angry Birds Lite and Facebook  apps are among the most popular free downloads offered to Apple customers.

The thriving tech sold more than three billion apps by January 2010, but this was before the launch of the iPad and the fourth generation iPhone last year, which saw phenomenal sales figures raise app consumption sky high.

The App Store was first launched in July 2008.

The first ever App Store for Mac in Australia opened just two weeks ago, with Apple hoping to replicate its success with mobile apps onto PC screens.