Apple Drops Prices On MacBook Air
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While nobody was watching- or rather while we were all still mesmerised by the new iPhone 3G, Apple quietly reduced the price of its most expensive notebook, the MacBook Air by $500 in the US.

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The MacBook Air, which was launched in January and sold in two configurations – with a 80GB magnetic platter hard drive and a 1.6-GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, or with a 64GB solid-state drive and a 1.8-GHz CPU has been lauded by some as a minor revolution in laptops, has now been cut in price by some 16 per cent.

And just as happened with the Xbox, which Microsoft dropped in price in the US, the savings flowed onto Australian consumers relatively quickly.

But although Apple rarely announces price reductions, this seems to be all part of Apple’s push to make its brand more palatable to the average price-savvy consumer.

Having aid that, it seems the rumours of Apple realigning its strategy to now take on the enterprise space may well be gaining some credence.

So now that the top of the range Apple notebook will be priced more or less the same as lets say an upper-end Toshiba, Sony or HP notebook and with the introduction of OS 10.6 in early 2009, which is designed to iron out the last remaining incompatibilities with back-end enterprise network apps, there will be no reason for some in the business world to forego Apple when considering the purchase of a notebook.

What will be interesting though, is will this be the last price drop Apple make or will the company, as it has previously, keep the same prices for its hardware, but just add more bells and whistles to keep sales ticking over.

The notebook space is all of a sudden getting very interesting.