Apple Fans Move To Black Ban Netgear Products After Lo Steve Jobs Comments
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Apple fans are today threatening to black ban Netgear products after the company’s CEO Patrick Lo took a stab at Apple boss Steve Jobs who has taken a leave of absence due to ill health.

Lo courted controversy at a stage managed press conference in Sydney which only six journalists were invited to attend.

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Netgear CEO Patrick Lo described by PCWorld as smug, cruel and confused and a man suffering emotional insecurity.

He said it was his belief that the only way Apple will abandon its principles and open up will be if Jobs dies.

“It’s critical for Apple to make a decision how to go forward,” Lo is quoted as saying.

What has angered Apple fans is a comment that indicated that Steve Jobs is close to dying.

 “Once Steve Jobs goes away, which is probably not far away, then Apple will have to make a strategic decision on whether to open up the platform.” Lo is quoted as saying.
Patrick Goss writing for the European web site Tech Radar described the comments as “Lo quotes below the belt?”

Another writer said “What a stupid thing to say”

Three emails to Smarthouse, from Apple fans revealed that many are extremely angry and set to stop buying Netgear products.

Steve from Melbourne wrote: “These are disgusting comments, I for one will not buy any more Netgear products and neither should any other Apple fans”.


This morning Netgear is referring all calls to their PR Company Weber Shandwick who organised the event.

International technology magazine PC World who along with several other technology publications was not invited to the event said “Netgear’s  global chairman and CEO Patrick Lo, who for no clear reason attacked Steve Jobs and Apple in the Australian press. And instead of bolstering Netgear’s reputation, Lo’s comments came off smug, cruel and confused”.

PC World went on to say “Maybe this cattiness is rooted in Lo’s emotional insecurity. When Lo was asked if he had communicated his concerns to Jobs, he said: “Steve Jobs doesn’t give me a minute!” Sounds to me like he’s feeling a little abandoned on the playground and nobody will come to his birthday party, despite renting a horsie”.

“Lo’s comments are harsh, for sure. They’re also so misguided and confused, they’re laughable. Dude, you don’t compete with one another — what do you care how Jobs runs his business?” Brennon Slattery wrote.