Apple Fighting Amazon and EBay for Online Sales
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The Apple brand has grown so strong that its products compete successfully amongst Etailers, such as Amazon and eBay, stealing a large share of their market.

A ComScore study has revealed that Apple’s online shoppers were great enough to rival the likes of Amazon and eBay, with them stealing almost 10 per cent of the online market in the month of June.

With a 134.4 million unique visitors, it is the only manufacturer to sit amidst the top five online outlets.

Of the five, Amazon has the largest online shopping audience with 20% of the global market, totalling 282.2 million unique visitors in June alone.

eBay followed closely, with 223.5 million visitors, nabbing 16.2 per cent. China’s own Corp had 156.8 million visitors, scoring 11.3 per cent, of which 86 per cent of its traffic was from Asia.

June was considered a slow month for Apple, with the company releasing its OS X Lion platform in July, as Apple customers held off purchasing goods until July.

July is expected to be a stronger month for the company, having made the new OS X available solely from the iTunes store until today, the 18th of August, 2011.

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It seems Apple’s market penetration knows no bounds, with the company recently topping off the Nasdaq stock exchange, making it the most valuable in the world.

Check out the ComScore results below: