Apple iPad 2 Released Next Month?
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Slimmer, larger and more powerful iPad said to be dispatched in the next 3-4 weeks.Apple’s second tablet instalment is said to offer more power with dual core ARM processor, an SD card slot, a larger screen and a front and rear camera, according to a blog published by Digg founder, Kevin Rose.

However, for now this is all speculation, although the new iPad case does appear to facilitate a SD card slot and new EU regulations on portable devices means some form of a USB port will very likely feature. 

A retina display as currently featured on the iPhone 4 was also hotly tipped in an Apple blog to make the crossover to the iPad, although the number of pixels this would require places huge demands on its current 9.7-inch display.

“I have it on good authority that Apple will be announcing the iPad 2 in the next ‘3-4 weeks,’ possibly Tuesday February 1st,” prophesied Rose.

“The iPad 2 will feature a front/back camera, [along with] a higher dpi – but won’t technically be a retina display.

If you’re thinking of buying an iPad, hold off for now.”

Apple have made no official soundings on a release date or specs so far.

If iPad 2 is given a February birth, it should hit the shops around April  2011.