Apple Makes Symbian Look Old Hat
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Apple has taken the lead in the Australian phone market for the first time, gaining 10 per cent market share as Nokia loses that same 10 per cent over the last quarter.Apple currently holds nearly 40 per cent market share following a 13 per cent increase in iPhone shipments over the last quarter according to market intelligence researcher IDC. This increase was shown despite an overall 5 per cent dip year-on-year.

“Nokia suffered a double whammy, the feature phone market collapsed, with 79% of new mobiles shipped now being smartphones. Meanwhile, Symbian took a huge tumble, as consumers shy away from the platform ahead of Nokia’s transition to Windows Phone,” said Mark Novosel, Telecommunications Analyst, at IDC.

Symbian is now third in the market at 22 per cent, behind Android which holds roughly 30 per cent.

“2011 will be an increasingly difficult year for Nokia, as consumers side-step Symbian smartphones and feature phone popularity continues to dwindle,” added Novosel.

The negative slump could change for Nokia in 2012 as it abandons Symbian and moves to Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system.

“Microsoft will also face a tough year with slow Windows Phone 7 growth expected, as the iOS and Android tussle intensifies. As Nokia launches its first Windows Phone models in early 2012, and Symbian shipments eventually stop, Microsoft should start to see an uplift,” said Novosel.