Apple & Nokia Accused Of Patent Breaches By Mystery Co
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Mobile giants have been accused of patent infringements by an unheard of company in the Cayman Islands.
However, the case isn’t just confined to Nokia and Apple, with, Sony Ericsson, Kyocera, RIM and Motorola also accused of infringing patent rights held by two companies, Conexant and ESS Technology.

Cayman islands company, Imperium (IP) Holdings, Inc are accusing some of the biggest players in the industry of using image sensors on their devices, which are patented by Conexant and ESS Technology.

Imperium, filed the case in Texas in the US on March 18, although  not much else is known about the mystery company, which has a small office in New York, according to reports.

The infringements in question relate to Patent 6,271,884, which relates to ‘Image Flicker Reduction with Fluorescent Lighting,’ held by Conexant, a listed California based tech corp,  since 2001, puts the Apple Mac iSight camera system as well as its IPhone in the firing line, according to Patently Apple. 

The other four Patents 6,838,651, 6,838,715, 7,064,768, 7,109,535 pertain to image sensor and imaging technology, all registered by ESS Technology, which specialises in digital video technology, and listed as a subsidiary of Imperium Partners Group.


The company also supples to Samsung, LGE, Philips, Sony, Sharp, according to their website.