Apple To Allow Unlimited iTunes?
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Cloud based iTunes could be the answer to every music lovers prayer.
Music provider Apple is said to be in toying with the idea of  sending iTunes to cloud, allowing unlimited downloads to iPads, iPhones or Mac’s. 

According to a Bloomberg report, the tech giant is in talks with major record labels like Universal Music, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music to agree a deal that would see Apple users import tunes easily from one device to the other without additional charge. 

And as a cloud based system is key to such a service, Apple’s investment of $1billion in a new data centre in North Carolina could be key part of the plan. 

The other major plus of iTunes run from the cloud for users users is its back up service meaning if music is wiped from a computer it is retrievable, which is a major plus for users who have spent thousands building up their tunes collection. 

The proposed service, if it goes ahead, would allow it compete with competiting web based services like Pandora and Spotify, thus seen by seen by many as an attempt to lure back streaming fans, who are enamoured with its  no holds barred music service. 

An announcement on a new service could be made by the middle of this year, according to the report. 


Apple currently supplies 70 per cent of digital music downloads in the US alone.