Apple To Get Lions Share Of Tablet Market Say Gartner
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Australian retailers are set to benefir from strong consumer demand for tablets and Apple’s iPad running into Xmas say Gartner.

The US research Company claims that unit sales are expected to exceed 200m within four years and that sales will more than double in 2011 from an expected 19.5m units this year, and surpass 208m units in 2014 as rival technology groups rush to bring out their own models.
It’s tipped that Apple could report salesof  15m tablets by the end of the year when they report their financial results on Tuesday morning.
The Tablet category is set to be one of the hottest consumer electronics categories in 2011 with new models set to be launched by  Research in Motion, Cisco, Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard with the Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and the Toshiba Folio likely to be the only iPad rivals to launch this year.
Talking to the Financial Times Carolina Milanesi, research vice-president at Gartner, said: “Some people will think we’ve been drinking the Apple Kool-Aid. Our forecasts are aggressive, but you need to look at the media tablet as an older sibling to the smartphone rather than related to the PC.”
She said given the attraction of the segment, both mobile phone and PC manufacturers were developing products for the category.
Consumers, meanwhile, are increasingly seeing tablets as an attractive secondary device to a PC.
Gartner is predicting that tablets will start eating into market share of other devices such as e-readers, gaming devices and media players. However, the largest impact is likely to be on netbooks – low-priced, ultra-small personal computers.
Ms Milanesi said that so far the iPad was selling to “tech savvy” consumers or “fashion victims”.
As prices come down, so the appeal of the tablet will spread, she said. The other potential area of growth could be in the business segment, where companies could start using the iPad as a sales or marketing tool.
The hype around the iPad is also lifting other categories for Apple. IDC, another research group, which together with Gartner reported PC sales for the third quarter this week, said there was a “halo effect” surrounding the iPad that had boosted sales of the iMac computer. As a result, Apple pushed into third place behind HP and Dell in the PC market in the US in the three months to September, although it still has a relatively small share of the global PC market.