Apps Vs Internet: Nielsen Study Tells All
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Smartphone users spend twice as much time on net based applications than they do on mobile version websites, according to a study undertaken by research firm Nielsen. The study also highlighted how difficult it is for developers to successfully break into mainstream application usage.

Source: Neilsen

According to Nielsen Smartphone Analystics, who track and analyse iOS and Android data, the average Android mobile phone user spends 56 minutes a day browsing the internet and using applications. The study revealed two-thirds of that time was spent on applications, while the remainder was accounted for by mobile web.

Even more surprising is the market penetration of applications on Google Android. Of the 250,000 available on the Android Market, the top ten apps account for 43 per cent of app usage and the top fifty have 61 per cent. That means the 249,950+ applications remaining have to compete for 39 per cent of consumer app consumption.