Arch Rivals Apple & Samsung Cut $8bn Deal?
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Apple is about to become Samsung’s biggest fan – and customer.

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Rivals Apple and Samsung are to jump into together, signing a $7.8bn deal- making Steve Jobs’ company the Korean tech giant’s single biggest customer. 

According to the Korea Economic Daily the phone makers are to cut a deal which would see Samsung supply parts including liquid crystal displays, mobile application processors and NAND flash memory chips for iPhones, iPads. 

The brands, both of whom are arch rivals in the highly competitive Smartphone market – going head-to-head on both the Smartphone and Tabs markets- with the Samsungs Galaxy S on Android competing against the iPhone and their tablets also coming up against Apple iPad. 

Samsung is now number four on the top Smartphone vendors chart ( Apple is number two) and enjoyed a massive surge in sales last year.

But this isn’t the first time the rivals have done business together – the Korean giant has had previous dealings with the Silicon Valley company – providing Apple with iOS devices, including displays, flash memory, and even Apple’s A4 chip. 

Samsung’s super PLS display technology has also been under consideration for use by Apple in upcoming iPad models, according to a Mac rumours blog. 

Apple is also said to be cutting deals with several other major vendors for displays for their upcoming devices.


But rivalry aside, Steve Jobs’s techco is clearly a fan – the company previously conducted an almost complete buy out of Samsung NAND flash chips, causing memory prices to soar out of control.