Asus: Move over Samsung We Want No.2 Spot
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Having conceded the top spot to Apple, Asus have decided second best will do. However, they’re not the only tech giant with their eye on the prize.

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So says CEO Jerry Shen, who confided to journalists at CeBIT in Germany at the weekend of his desire to be No.2 in tabs by 2012, talking up new innovations like 3D display with SSD storage and quad core processors on its next round of slates. 

The head honcho who has been building momentum around his yet to be confirmed devices, is hoping they will give his company the leg up it needs to reach 5-8 per cent growth in less than a year, stealing the crown from Samsung who are thought to be the second biggest tab maker.

Android based devices captured 22 percent of global share in December last, according to Strategy Analytics stats, with Samsung’s Galaxy S tab the largest contributor to the growing success of the platform, and Apple’s main market rival.    

He also talked about bringing Android to its MeeGo notebooks  as well as a Windows7 phone.           

The company also cited another “secret weapon” last month which they hope will provide a strong challenge against  Apple’s newly launched  iPad2. 

“We will try to provide a ‘secret weapon,’ something we have not shown at this time but closer to the launch time we will show” proclaimed Shen.    

According to Asus PR, the yet to be announced tablets will be launched next year so its a safe bet to assume the new models will contain all of the above.     


However, the Taiwanese giant has  already ran into trouble over premature announcements –  and was forced to hold off running  Android Honeycomb 3.0 software for its new generation of Eee Pads, due for release this year, as it struggles to get its head around precise details.

No Australian release date for Asus’s other awaited models in the Eee family including its Eee Pad Slider and Transformer, which has just been given an April UK release date.

However, he’s not the only CEO with his eye on the number two spot. 

Sony earlier this year expressed its desire for the position.      

“For sure the iPad is the king of tablets,” said its Computer Division Head, Kunimasa Suzuki, in January. 

“But what is the second? What is the third? Who is taking the second position? That is our focus. We would like to really take the number two position in a year,” he said.

However, there is one massive disadvantage for the Japanese electronics outfit as it has yet to even release a slate device.     


Latest figures indicate Samsung sold 2m units of the Galaxy Tab tablet PC in the past three months and recently launched its Galaxy Tab 10.1 before Apple iPad 2 launch last week.