Attend Anywhere Launch New Video Conferencing Software
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Today, video conference integration software provider, Attend Anywhere, launched an embedded ‘single click’ button for company web sites. The button will enable customers, patients, students or staff to attend individual appointments or group meetings via commercial grade, High-Definition video conference, directly from the company site.

The software integrates with Vidyo’s ‘personal telepresence’ solution, which enables participants to interact from multiple sites (including other video conference systems) and to share anything on their desktops. Companies can use the new software with their own infrastructure or subscribe to a pay-as-you-go service.

Attend Anywhere CEO Chris Ryan says “People are asking “I video conference via the Internet on my computer at home why can’t I use it at work or to attend appointments?” 

“The answer in the past has always been because it’s too hard for companies and service providers to integrate.” Chris Ryan says.

“People may have played with web conferencing but now they want to get serious. They want to generate high volumes of unique video appointments, use existing processes and make it easy for people to find the right appointment on their web site.  They want to use the Internet from wherever they are but it must be secure, reliable and very high quality.  And they don’t want to set each new user up in a directory.

“Attend Anywhere solves those challenges and makes video conference integration easy. Our web based management software sits in front of the technologies making it easy for people to find services or each other and simply connect using whatever infrastructure makes sense.  At the back end the Attend Anywhere website provides all of the business process integration, scheduling and management required” Chris Ryan concluded.

Attend Anywhere are offering a FREE TRIAL of the web site button.