Aussie Company To Make Flash Cards
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Australian listed memory and consumer electronics vendor Legend has announced its entry into a new market – memory for mobile phones.

In an Australian first, the MMC flash media cards will be manufactured locally at Legend’s Adelaide production facility as well as at the company’s Singapore facility.

The company is planning a range of Multi Media Card (MMC) flash media products which are suitable for most new mobile phones.

Legend’s CEO Mr Bradley Dowe described the decision as a prudent next step for the company. “Legend is excited to be addressing this rapidly growing market and we see a great opportunity to lever new business within the telecommunications sector,” says Dowe.

“As consumers demand more functionality from their mobile devices they naturally require additional storage to support their applications. As a digital technology company we are pleased to be able to respond quickly to consumer demand and provide a quality product to meet this rapidly expanding market segment,” he said.

The Legend manufactured flash card will initially be marketed in capacities ranging from 256MB to 1GB and will be offered for sale to existing OEM customers, distributors and retail department store clients. The Legend MMC card will also pave Legend’s entry into a new mobile telephone market segment and provide sales opportunities for other Legend products targeted towards leading handset manufacturers, telecommunication service providers and specialist telephone retailers.