Aussie Games Developer Goes Bust
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One of the country’s largest computer games developer, Auran Development, was placed into voluntary administration on Thursday following meagre sales of its newest online multi-player game, Fury, suggesting the game is a dud.Auran spent $15 million developing the game over a period of three years with money secured as a loan from the National Australia Bank (NAB). After Fury flopped, its developer hit the road.

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NAB’s investment was secured to help Auran internationally, including its head-office in the US and various subsidiaries in Europe.

Auran chief executive, Tony Hilliam, can’t divulge if NAB’s loan has already been spent, but the company has already sacked 70 of its Australian staff, according to reports, suggesting Auran has exhausted its kitty.

Calls to the New Farm, Queensland office remained unanswered today, suggesting the Developers shut-up shop immediately after the administrators took custody of the business. It is not clear at this stage which accounting company is acting as administrator.

Between 15 and 20 Auran staff, including Hilliem, will now be transferred to Fury’s licensee, N3VR41L Publishing, while some staff will form the core of a new development studio which will be run by another, unnamed gaming company, according to Australian IT.

However, the game which was responsible for sinking Auran, and its brother-publication, Railz, will continue running, with a small team to retain command of the games.

Auran has sold 110,000 copies of Fury globally, however it was hoping to sell double the figure, according to reports.
“In hindsight, we got the pricing wrong,” Hilliem told Australian IT.