Australia Broadband Speed 48th In The World
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Akamai Technologies has revealed that Australia’s broadband is the 48th fastest in the world. The company also found that the country has better broadband speeds compared to Q1 this year.According to Akamai’s State of the Internet report for 2Q 2010, the country now ranks 48th globally and reporting an average connection speed of 2864 Kbps. The average peak connection speed in Q2 was 11,032 Kbps, which is an increase of 13 per cent since last quarter.

South Korea, the country with the fastest average connection speeds also had significant growth in the 2Q on both a quarterly and yearly basis. Other countries that made it into the top 5 are Hong Kong, Japan, Romania and The Netherlands. Masan, South Korea held the title as the city with the fastest average connection speed with average speeds reaching more than 20 Mbps quarter-over-quarter.

In terms of average mobile speeds, the company reported that both the fastest (at 6.1 Mbps) and slowest (at 115 Kbps) were seen on mobile providers in Slovakia.  

“Of the 109 mobile providers listed, 19 had average connection speeds in the broadband (2 Mbps or above) range (up from 14 in the first quarter), while 29 more had average measured connection speeds of 1 Mbps or more (up from 21 in the first quarter). On a quarter-over-quarter basis, mobile connectivity appeared to improve in many places, with users on 95 of the 109 listed mobile providers experiencing higher connection speeds in the second quarter,” said the company.

Finally, the report has revealed that the US became the top attack traffic source in the second quarter of 2010, accounting for 11% of observed attack traffic in total.  China and Russia held the second and third place spots respectively, accounting for just over 20% of observed attack traffic.