Authority Seeks Help Drafting Digital TV Standards
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The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is seeking submissions from industry members regarding topics for consideration within a new codes and standards document governing digital television.The new document will determine technical standards for the transmission and reception of digital television, to help minimise the impact on consumers of the transition to new types of services and equipment.

The Authority is seeking views on a number of specific issues, including which organisations would have the relevant expertise to help develop the codes and technical standards for digital terrestrial television broadcasting.

The new standards document will include things like labelling domestic TV reception equipment; electronic program guides; the numbering of digital services, including logical channel numbers; application program interfaces; conditional access systems; and updating software in domestic reception equipment.

The closing date for comment is 8 February next year, and ACMA will publish all submissions on its website (subject to confidentiality claims).

ACMA says it is particularly interested in codes or standards which would drive the take-up of digital television services in Australia.