AV In NZ Booming Says IDT MD
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According to the managing director of IDT, Gerry Wilkins, the New Zealand audio-visual market is showing strong growth with a very positive vibe.

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According to Wilkins, “New Zealanders are very good early technology adopters and there is a lot of business growth going on at the moment”, [in the AV sector].

Wilkins predicts that the size of the market for IDT in NZ will be “about the same as Queensland- or around 3 million dollars annually”.

Furthermore he says, “The reason we decided to open up shop in New Zealand is that, like everywhere else, they are parochial, so we needed a proper New Zealand address, with local staff and a price list in the local currency”.
And in terms of the product range that IDT will be carrying across the ditch, Wilkins says the company will be adopting the ‘less is more strategy’.

“We are going to have a tightly controlled and limited stock range”, noted Wilkins, adding that the due to the size of the market and its particular needs, the range can be smaller than that of Australia.

IDT will also be pushing in the government and education sector in NZ said Wilkins, as this part of the market, like Australia was growing with products such as “interactive white boards and projectors”.