Avega Management Skip OZ Bulldog Receptionist Left Behind
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Senior management of Avega Systems an Australian Company that has been trying to sell wireless audio technology to US manufacturers have quit Australia leaving in place a receptionist who refuses to name any executives of the Company or advice on how management can be contacted.

The receptionist refuses to put calls through or explain why senior management of the Company has quit Australia.

18 months ago Avega were bragging to SmartHouse about their Australian heritage and how management of the Company who originally came to Australia from Europe wanted to establish an Australian technology Company in Australia.
Avega Systems is a developer of distributed and networked home entertainment based on wireless and Powerline technology.
During the past two years they have been desperately trying to sell their developments to global Companies. Last year Cisco invested in the Company. Shortly afterwards it now emerges that senior management quit Australia. Rejected by several leading Companies the Avega technology is sold as an OEM product.

The company’s solutions include a suite of whole-home audio software and hardware reference designs. Avega is backed by Cisco Systems, JAFCO Asia and Technology Venture Partners (TVP). 
Their initial products include complete turn-key reference designs for Wi-Fi music players and speakers, handheld and embedded controllers and PC media and zone-control software.

Before they disappeared Avega claimed that their product roadmap contains an eco-system of products based on patented core technology that comprehensively address emerging networked entertainment needs. They also claim that they have solved the key problems associated with reliable, synchronized distribution of media over the home Wi-Fi or hybrid Wi-Fi/Ethernet network including device setup, zone and media management and control of distributed media devices.
When SmartHouse asked the remaining receptionist on who could we contact and where she hung up.