Avnet Partner Solutions Expands
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Avnet Partner Solutions has added several new positions to its Australian workforce to increase its footprint.

Avnet Partner Solutions Australia’s Managing Director Colin McKenna today said the company is adding resources to its marketing, technical and logistics teams to help it extend its value added services to a greater number of partners.

“We are adding an extra layer into our sales organisation, and I am pleased to announce that Jon Gamble will fill the newly created role of Business Unit Executive for our IBM Hardware and Software business unit and that Peter Robinson will be our Business Unit Executive for our HP-Oracle business,” said McKenna.  The function of the Business Unit Executive will be to work with vendor partners to develop new markets in the channel for them and to increase their overall coverage.,” he said.

Avnet has added further positions on the sales team by way of Business Development Managers and Account Managers.  Business Development Managers will be responsible for driving vendor brand sales, while Account Managers will be working in the field driving sales with business partners.  McKenna noted: “All in all, we will have geographical representation in NSW, VIC, QLD and WA; the WA Account Management will also cover SA.  This is quite exciting as we are putting a resource on the ground in WA for the first time.”

The Marketing department has also received extra resources with the creation of the Marketing Communications Officer and Marketing Coordinator roles.  Avnet employee of the year Lillie Heathwood has been promoted to the Marketing Communications Officer role, while Stacey Hurt fills the role of Marketing Coordinator.  According to McKenna, “With the added resource in the marketing department we will now be able to offer even more marketing services to our business partners. Creating demand for our business partners has been one of our key strengths and we will continue to invest in marketing services that will not only facilitate demand but help grow and add value to our business partners overall.”

Finally, Avnet has added several new roles to the Technical and Logistics areas of their business with four Pre-Sales technical resources being added so that they can assist business partners in the creation and design of complex solutions.  The new logistics positions will centre on order fulfilment and customer service.

In all, Avnet has added 10 positions to their current Australian workforce and this signals a renewed commitment to the channel, and as McKenna explains, “A strong sign of confidence from our business partners in dealing not only with Avnet but with the channel in general.

“With an increased focus on enabling our business partners we hope to better meet their needs, while interlocking tightly with our key vendor partners. Being a value added distributor means that we have to be in a constant state of delivering value not only to our business partners but to our vendor partners as well. This truly is an exciting time for us and we feel quite bullish in our expectations for the year ahead,” said McKenna.