Award Recognises Epson Stylus Pro 3800
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Epson’s new Stylus Pro 3800 has won a prestigious Ecohitech Award for energy saving and CO2 reduction, supporting the brand’s growing reputation as a pioneer in environmentally-minded printing solutions.

Held recently in Milan, the Award recognises environmental achievement by a technology company, covering hi-tech processes, products, systems and services.

The jury said of the printer: “The Epson Stylus Pro 3800 is a compact printer developed and produced in accordance with the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). In comparison with the previous models, the estimated CO2 emissions during the whole product life are reduced by 44% and the amount of the resources used during the production is reduced by 55%. The printer is EcoLeaf certified.”

Epson Australia’s business solutions manager, Craig Heckenberg, said the company is committed to a philosophy of working to preserve the natural environment for future generations.


“The Ecohitech award acknowledges this very real commitment and the Stylus Pro 3800 is a great example of a product designed by our engineers from the ground up to reduce operating power consumption and at the same time dramatically reduce resource consumption by making the printer 71% smaller by volume and 57% lighter than its 2005 predecessor,” he said.

“Epson has published a global statement of general environmental policies since 1998, and these have gradually been expanded and upgraded to become specific targets and actions in a range of production and operating environments across the business. 

“Beyond creating and providing earth-friendly products our businesses and people are very active in looking at how we can transform our daily processes to reduce the burden on the environment, recover and recycle used products and importantly share environmental information that contributes to regional and international conservation efforts.”