BenQ Announces World's Slimmest LED Monitors
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BenQ has launched two new LED monitors that claim to be the slimmest in the world.

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According to BenQ, the V2420H and V2420HP are the world’s slimmest LED monitors. These new monitors use LED backlighting that consume around 44 percent less power and up to 71 percent less whilst used in BenQ’s exclusive ‘Eco’ mode compared to CCFL monitors. The shell of the new V Series monitors is produced from 28 percent recycled plastic, giving the product a distinct environmental edge.

In addition, the new monitors offer full 1080p High-Definition (HD) at 16:9 aspect ratio, with images being enhanced with BenQ’s Senseye Human Visual Technology.

BenQ Australia’s General Manager, Chee Chung said, “The new V2410 provides an amazing 5,000,000:1 ultra-high contrast ratio, while the new ultra-slim 15mm thick V2420 Series provides an amazing 10,000,000:1 ultra-high dynamic contrast ratio.  This equates to picture quality that is brighter and more balanced, but most impressively, they cost significantly less to run than their predecessors.”

“LED technology is the revolutionary way forward for display monitors and televisions offering a reduction in power consumption, more balanced display properties, a longer lifespan and lighter weight,” added Chung.

The company is also set to launch the V2410T, a monitor that is height adjustable for added versatility and comfort.  

The BenQ V2420H, V2420HP, and V2410T are available now for $479.00, $479 (glare panel), and $549, respectively.