BenQ Unveils 27-inch Full HD LCD Monitor
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BenQ has launched a 27-inch LCD monitor that displays images in 1080p and can be used as a main desktop display, secondary monitor, or a screen for HD gaming.

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The M2700HD is a 16:9 LCD monitor that claims to deliver better sight and sound via its 50,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio, 400-nit brightness, patented Senseye Human Vision Technology, and a 10-watt EmbracingSound surround sound system.

Ports found on the M2700HD include two HDMI 1.3 connectors, component, composite, and SPDIF for all office and entertainment needs.

Ideal as a main desktop display, multi-monitor setup, or as a second display to a notebook, the large-format 27-inch size affords higher work productivity with less scrolling and more content display.

The M2700HD visually outperforms similar-sized/-priced TVs as it displays images in Full HD 1080p. The Senseye Human Vision Technology innately optimises picture quality via six proprietary calibration techniques encompassing brightness, dynamic contrast ratio, hue, saturation, 3D noise reduction, and dual-trace sharpness.


In addition, the Senseye 3 digital image enhancement calibrates true colors in all multimedia and office display scenarios via the 6 preset viewing modes: Standard (office and Internet), Movie (DVD and TV), Game, Photo, sRGB (for 100 per cent color consistency across all sRGB devices), and Eco (for power-savings) modes.

The native 16:9 aspect ratio likewise promotes uncompromised definition, true-to-source proportions without distortion, and the assurance that every pixel on the screen is utilized.

It also comes with EmbracingSound, a new stereo surround technology that enables the listener to experience their content’s full spatial information. Five surround sound modes (Standard, Movie, Game, Pop, Rock) offer an unrivaled multimedia experience exuding from the integrated 10-watt sound system.

A smart remote control caters to TV-style viewing, enabling the user to switch video sources, adjust audio options, and access the OSD from the couch, the bed, or other distance.

The BenQ M2700 is available now for $799.