Bing Gets Facebook Savvy Redesign, Snubs Google+
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Microsoft’s Bing search engine is tapping further into information housed on Facebook and Twitter, generating results Google is unlikely to pick up.

The Bing search engine will undergo a change in how this information is displayed. Organising its results in three columns, the column on the far right – called Sidebar – will display the information gleaned from Facebook and Twitter.

The change is the most dramatic shift in Bing’s software in three years reports The Associated Press and will come into effect next month. Those interested can have a sneak peak as the software is trialled by going to from Tuesday.

Google currently picks up information from both social networks, but its vested interest in Google+ sees its related results prioritised. Now with Microsoft backing two heavy-weight social networks – both of which are bigger than Google+ – Bing could generate serious interest and usurp some of Google’s formerly loyal users.