BitDefender Releases 3.5 Secure Solution
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Security provider, BitDefender, has just launched a new set of solutions for businesses.
The new Business Solutions Version 3.5 service includes business clients for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux desktops, management servers as well as security for file servers and mail. 

Its new and improved security features make managing antivirus protection easier and improves the ability to detect dangerous malware within the network, says the company.

BitDefender 3.5 integrates antimalware protection with remote network audit and system management using WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) technology, which allows administrators an additional layer of visibility and protection to help them identify and gaps caused by rouge applications or system configurations.

The solution for SMBs will also protect email messaging systems, desktop clients and servers from attacks, from either internal or external sources.  

Version 3.5 includes detection and performance enhancements such as active virus control (AVC) technology, BitDefender Antivirus for Mac – business edition, xxchange 2010 compatibility, and a new anti-spam engine with quarantine controls for SMTP mail and exchange servers.   

It also has a centralised management information system that provides a “wizard-driven endpoint auditing and reporting module” which can help create an inventory of hardware and software assets for compliancy reporting. 


The latest solution seeks to “address the challenge of limited IT resources by streamlining business operations.. and system management with wizard-driven security policy creation, network tools to remotely manage devices, and integration into active directory,” the provider said in a statement today. 

“The features in 3.5 add up to a simple yet powerful solution tailored to specifically tackle an SMB’s security challenges,” said Rares Stefan, Director – Business Solutions Unit for BitDefender.

The full portfolio of software components include: BitDefender Management Server, business clients for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux desktops, security for file servers, SharePoint (2007/2003), Mail Servers and Exchange (2010/2007/2003).