BlackBerry Outstrips Apple iOS
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Android, BlackBerry users outstrips iOS in mobile internet usage for the very first time.
Good news for Google has emerged with news that its Android system has almost tripled its mobile internet market share in the past year in the US, jumping from 8.2 percent to 23.8 percent, while BlackBerry’s OS also celebrated a similar rise at 34.3 percent, surpassing Apple for the first time ever.

Usage of Apple’s iOS has fallen to 33 percent from a high of 51.9 percent over the same period last November.

“These figures suggest that developers should not be developing solely for the iPhone to the exclusion of BlackBerry and Android,” according to Aodhan Cullen, CEO of StatCounter, who revealed the results.

Regarding Microsoft’s latest attempt to gain ground in the rapidly evolving mobile internet market with the introduction of the Windows Phone 7 device, it has yet to make inroads in terms of usage but would be very interesting to observe over the next year, he conceded.

“This data demonstrates that there is a battle royal already going on in the Smartphone market for the consumer and business internet user,” he said.

“You can never underestimate Microsoft but it looks to have its work cut out.”