Blockbuster Oz Experiences Rental Growth
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The Franchise Entertainment Group announced that its 320 Blockbuster stores achieved 3.5 per cent rental business growth in the 2009 calendar year.The company said that while the US Based Blockbuster International Incorporated has a poor financial reporting, it had no bearing on Blockbuster’s Australian stores. It also found its growth ‘encouraging particularly at a time when household budgets were under significant pressure.’

Franchise Entertainment Group’s Managing Director, Paul Uniacke said, “Blockbuster Australia continues to deliver strong revenue from its millions of loyal home rental customers. The brand is well placed and continues to invest, innovate and grow in 2010.”

“Blockbuster will be making some exciting announcements in the second quarter on how it will take home entrainment to the next level, delivering a wider range of choice and greater value to our customers,” added Uniacke.

The Blockbuster brand in Australia is owned and managed under a 10-year licensing agreement with FEG. It is the franchisor of Blockbuster, EzyDVD and Video Ezy franchises, representing over 900 entertainment retail and rental businesses across Australia and New Zealand.