Blurtl Me: Facebook Talks On Telstra
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The social network allows ‘Blurtls’ to be exchanged via phone.Telstra has just developed a new app giving Facebookers a voice putting status updates and wall posts on audio – meaning relationships are no longer just textual.  

The new app called Blurtl, will let users post a 30 second audio status update to their page and share audio post on up to five nominated friends wall.   

Australians now increasingly log on to social networking sites via mobiles, with Facebook by far the most popular for Telstra 3G mobile customers, say the Telco’s Consumer Director Rebekah O’Flaherty. 

“Whether recording your baby’s first words to share with all your Facebook friends, leaving a personalised, audio Happy Birthday wall post to your mate in London, or updating your status with a quirky voice message that you’re engaged, Blurtl will add an extra dose of personality to Aussie Facebook pages,” Ms O’Flaherty said.                      

Blurtl’s arrival coincides with the launch of Telstra’s new Pre-Paid Weekend+ offer, which includes free standard national SMS and calls to most Australian numbers- all weekend with a $50 recharge.     

The Smartphone app will also allow users to play their Blurtl message back by clicking the audio file on Facebook.