Brisbane Centre Hooked Up With C4
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C4, a leading Australian ICT integrator, has signed up with the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC) to implement the Cisco Digital Media Solution (DMS).

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BCEC is the first Australian convention and exhibition centre to support an integrated digital signage solution from the IP network.
Based on a single platform, the comprehensive suite of digital signage, enterprise TV and desktop video applications support the easy creation, management and access of digital media across the network.

Being centrally controlled and managed helps ensure all displays are in real time and each and every monitor and display screen is working – or able to be immediately identified if it’s not.

In a move towards a browser-based, low-power solution, the system replaces a previous signage system installed when the Centre was built.

According to Steve Gilbey, IT Manager, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, “Our key objective is to ensure that any conference, exhibition or event that takes place at the centre runs seamlessly. The ability to distribute information quickly and efficiently, instantly make edits and adjustments to content and stream dynamic video across the network of visual displays supports us in our progressive approach to servicing clients.”

C4 will implement the Cisco based integrated digital signage solution which will consist of more than 60 LCD displays and monitors. Using the IP network as the platform to enable end-to-end video solutions, each monitor will be integrated with the interior design of the Centre across the foyer providing informational and dynamic signage on large, slim LCD displays.

An interface will be created to BCEC’s event management system so all event signage will be automated and customer approved as part of the event order signoff process. This avoids an AV team recreating signage and re-typing text thereby avoiding typos and errors made through work duplication.

Ian Poole, CEO of C4 says that with the continued growth of IP networks, digital signage enables organisations like the BCEC to leverage the power of video as a communications medium.

“With the cost of the LCD panels decreasing we expect to see many more organisations converting paper-based signage into digital and taking advantage of the power of the Internet to distribute messages effectively, in real-time to anywhere in the world.”

Fernando Schiavone, Cisco regional business development manager for enterprise sales in Australia and New Zealand said; “Cisco’s DMS is a great example of how retailers and businesses such as the BCEC can create a competitive advantage and reduce the costs of providing information to their clients, using Internet video.”