BRS Grabs US Biometric Accolades
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Australian Biometric solutions company Bio Recognition Systems announced it has won global industry endorsement of its BioLock+ security access control system, having recently received the rarely conferred “Most Innovative Security Product” award in the Sensor category at the Security Network’s recent 5th Annual Security Summit in California.

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BRS’ BioLock+ security access control system is claimed as the world’s first biometric access control system that brings standalone or IP-relay intelligence to an IP65 weather/dirt/dust resistant device. 

The BioLock+ is also unique in complying with privacy legislation, as well as being simple to use and affordable.

The Security Network, a non-profit industry group convened to foster innovation in the $US1.4 trillion access security market, convened a judging panel including global law enforcement and defense technology experts to assess competition entries.
Among a field of 30 entries described as the “strongest and most impressive yet”, the BioLock+ was declared a winner for its strong focus on innovation, market applicability and being equally suited to government or private use.
“Winning this award is a strong endorsement of our technology, as it comes from internationally recognised security experts who are well aware of the issues and market needs around biometric security,” said Anthony Holman, Chairman of BRS.


The BioLock+, BRS’ third generation biometric door security system, is designed to operate on both internal and external doors, even at the harshest temperatures (-18oC to +50oC) and can cope with rain, snow and dust.  The device also has multi-relay capability, which allows a user to have different outcomes occur, depending on their choice of finger used. 

This is particularly useful for duress situations, where say the right thumbprint may give access to the door, while the left thumbprint may give access and also sent an alert to the security monitoring company that a duress entry has occurred.
Designed for residential or corporate use, BioLock+ is also unique in ticking all the key concerns which have hampered the rapid take-up of Biometrics in the past, including weatherproofing, dust-proofing & robustness, complexity, unattractiveness and privacy concerns’