Bye Bye Mobile: Microsoft Ditches 6x Windows
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Its bye bye Windows Mobile, hello Phone.
Microsoft is putting the last nail in the Windows Mobile coffin with the closure of 6x marketplace app store.

“Microsoft is discontinuing the Windows Marketplace for Mobile service for Windows Mobile 6.x,” it announced today, which will be completed by May 9.

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You will no longer be able to download applications directly on your Windows Mobile 6.x phone using the 6.x Marketplace although apps and games acquired from the store will continue to work after this date, Microsoft confirmed.

The software giant is dithcing its Win Mobille and placing all its eggs into Windows Phone OS, which Nokia is pushing hard at present, recently launching Lumia 800 in Australia. 

If you do own any app or games installed from the 6x marketplace, make sure you install any available updates in advance of  service shut-down.

Also note: all phone data, including applications acquired through the Windows Mobile 6.x Marketplace service, data and user-specific settings, will be deleted from your 6.x phone if your phone is wiped or “hard reset.”


Any data on a removable storage card will also be deleted if your phone is wiped or “hard reset”.

Windows Mobile applications compatible with Windows Mobile 6.x may still be available directly from their developers or via third-party marketplaces, said the software giant.