Can Optus' Android MyTab Hit The Button?
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A budget 7 inch Android tablet from Optus has hit the shelves, but will it hit the mark with lower end users.
The telco appear to be confident the device, which is available since yesterday, will make its mark on the tablet market, competing with Telstra’s T-Touch Tab released last month, which retails at $299, offering a phone, internet content and 80,000 apps.

The tab has received good market reviews so far, with users impressed with its good value, resistive screen and decent performance compared to pricier models like the Apple iPad.

Although no projections on how much of the total tab market budget tabs will account for, Optus told ChannelNews they “expect the MyTab to perform favourably against other entry level products from manufacturers and telecommunication providers”.

The Optus My Tab will be available on Pre-Paid from mid-December for $279 on pre-pay and includes up to 3GB of Pre-Paid data and unlimited access to Facebook, Twitter and MySpace within Australia.

“With a number of tablets entering the market in 2011, we expect the entry level tablet market to remain competitive and we’re confident that the MyTab will be one of the most compelling options for consumers who are looking for a product which offers ease of use and bang for buck,” an Optus spokesperson said.


Made by ZTE, the cheapest tab on the Australian market will run on Android 2.1 and comes with a 7-inch screen, a 3-megapixel camera, upgradable memory (2GB MicroSD included) and WiFi compatibility.

Announced in November, along with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which proved a massive hit with Australians so far, Optus were confident their entry-level offering, with “high-spec entry level tablet which provides the Android Tablet experience at an affordable price,” will take off.

However, it is likely to move to a post pay package after Christmas, although the exact cost of the plans has yet to be released.

The low price tab option is part of Optus’s bid to give its customers the option to choose the device, pricing structure and contract length that best suits their needs, Michael Smith, MD of Optus Consumer said last month.