Can Samsung 'Boombox' Player 4 Touch iPod?
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The Korean brand’s answer to the iPod touch is coming, the Galaxy Player 4 and 5.

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And it looks set to give Apple a run for its money, if the video reports from Samsung’s Spring Product Showcase in the US are anything to go by.

The 8GB Android Galaxy Player 4, which comes in white, has a 4 inch touch screen (Galaxy 5 is 5 inch LCD screen) and according to reports out of New York, is essentially a Galaxy S but without the phone. 

Music wise, it has built-in stereo speakers with surround sound, SoundAlive post-processing technology, and audio support for MP3, WMA, AAC, Ogg, and Flac. It comes with MicroSD slot for 32 GB of extra storage. 

“The Galaxy Player is a portable boombox to enliven any occasion,” its makers said yesterday. However, this multifunctional device is far from just simply a music player and allows games and e-books.           

Running on Android 2.2, (which can be upgraded to 2.3 Gingerbread, say Samsung) it offers Google Maps, Search by voice, GPS and a slew of other tools like Gmail and thousands of apps at its disposal.  

Specs wise the player is Bluetooth enabled, with WiFi, dual camera, camcorder, Skype and has flash support (Adobe Flash 10.1).

It also has flight mode for music lovers who don’t want to switch off and has Facebook and Twitter applications for social networking lovers. 


However, at this point there is no release date for Australia, although it will hit the US this spring.

No pricetag has been divulged either.